About Us

About Us

Digantaa Resort is a venue to cater the needs of an over-demanding urban lifestyle. Keeping in view the need of time, we have created this unique wellness provision. Digantaa Resort is basically a destination spa resort, located near Dhanachuli, Mukteshwar, Uttarakhand.

“The Philosophy of Digantaa Resort is inspired by Ancient Indian Ayurvedic Tradition of Panchmahabhoot – Shabd (Sound), Sparsh (Touch), Roop (Vision), Gandh (Smell) and Ras (Taste).”

The unique balance between all these five great elements ensures the required balance between ‘Mana’ (Mind), ‘Tana’ (Body) and ‘Atman’ (Soul). This way we claim to be the ultimate destination where we bridge a gap between you and yourself, nourish your body, and refresh your mind.

The Founders are young and energetic visionaries who have brilliantly conceived and designed Digantaa Resort as a complete Solution of dangerously mismanaged spaces of our life. Digant Sonakia is a law graduate from a very famous Government law college Mumbai and presently is practicing law at the supreme court of India.

– Sunil Sudele is an electrical engineer by profession. Both of them apart from their very professional background have conceptualized, planned and designed this unique resort.