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With us, you can choose the way you wish to spend your holiday. Our helpful staff would help you create an exclusive, tailor-made itinerary to cater to all your pursuits. There are a number of diverse activities to go for, beginning from Yoga sessions in the morning till film screenings in the late evening. Digantaa Resort boasts of several first-of-its-kind facilities in the region.


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A luxuriously lush and very well-maintained 9-hole mountain Golf Course is one of the several unique features of Digantaa. Holiday golfing is a highly privileged activity in Kumaon and our support staff spares no efforts to make golfing at Digantaa one of your most memorable experiences.


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Trekking has gained popularity in recent times among the urban people. Digantaa offers this healthy holidaying option for you. Our expert mountain-guides would accompany you on treks through dense Oak and Pine forests. The terrain of the resort-site itself is perfect for an adventurous trekking experience.


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Yoga became a global craze during the 1960s and it has ever since become an essential part of our life. People from all age-groups are taking up yoga to improve their routine and regime.  Yoga Sessions under the brilliant and skilful supervision of renowned yoga instructors are provided for you every morning.


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Known as the king of indoor games, Billiards along with Snooker has always held an aristocratic air about itself. Our exquisite Billiards Room provides you cosy, space and relaxed opportunity for having a round or two with your favourite pals.


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At Digantaa Resort, You would come face to face with a variety of cultural performances including folk dance and music. These are aimed at connecting you to the local culture and life. We have created a beautiful amphitheatre for this purpose.