Indoor Activities at Digantaa Resort

Pool Table:

Aim and Strike

Playing pool at Digantaa Resort is a delightful experience that combines leisure, skill, and social interaction. Whether you're looking to refine your pool-playing skills, enjoy some friendly competition, or simply relax and have fun, the pool facilities at Digantaa Resort provide the perfect setting. So, chalk up, take your shot, and enjoy the timeless game of pool in the tranquil surroundings of Digantaa Resort!

    Ping Pong

    Table Tennis:

    Fast-Paced Fun

    At Digantaa Resort, guests can indulge in the fast-paced and exciting game of table tennis. The table tennis facility offers a perfect blend of sport and leisure, suitable for all ages and skill levels. The resort's table tennis area is thoughtfully designed to provide a top-notch playing experience, whether you're a seasoned player or just looking for some recreational fun.


    Strategy and Skill

    Carrom at Digantaa Resort is more than just a game; it's an opportunity for families to come together, engage in a fun activity, and create lasting memories. Whether strategizing over a tricky shot or celebrating a winning strike, carrom provides endless moments of joy and togetherness. So gather around the carrom board and let the strikers slide, the carrom men pocket and the good times roll at Digantaa Resort!



    A Family Favorite

    Amidst the various activities offered at Digantaa Resort, Ludo stands out as a delightful way for families to bond and relax. It's an ideal game for families looking to spend quality time together. It's a chance to step back from the digital world and indulge in a timeless game that promises fun, laughter, and a touch of nostalgia. So gather around the Ludo board and let the good times roll at Digantaa Resort!