Weddings are a wholesome bundle of joy and emotions. It’s the stuff of dreams! But, in real life, weddings can go from dreamlike to nightmarish in no time. And no, we are not talking about a lovelorn ex crashing the wedding like a Bollywood movie.


In the recent years, Mukteshwar has evolved into a great offbeat destination wedding location. Away from the claustrophobic marriage halls, against the backdrop of vivid mountains with sunshine lighting up the snow like jewellery. The grandiose of mountains complements the holy vows of marriage and longevity. It’s the stuff of dreams.


The weekend used to be an opportunity for every one among us to unwind, relax, have some fun with friends and family and be ready to go in all guns blazing on Monday. But COVID, long-working hours and diminished social life in the past 2 years have made the weekends a little drab.


Food is essential for life. And like every essential element of survival, there is a certain amount of pleasure in it. Our taste buds are the way of deriving pleasure from food. With time, we have invested a lot of resources and knowledge into making our food taste better and healthier. In a way, food has a very important role in human development.


When one dreams of destination weddings, Goa beaches and historical locations of Rajasthan top the list, but splendid hill stations like Nainital are quickly emerging to be a great choice too.


Many visitors of Digantaa luxury resort were able to enjoy the first snow of the season at one of the most luxurious and picturesque locations in Mukteshwar. As of today, the snow has covered the horizon and it's absolutely beautiful.


Nainital is splendidly beautiful, a destination that comes to mind the moment one thinks of mountains. And near this world famous tourist spot lies the quant little town of Mukteshwar.


From beautiful landscapes to the thrilling adventure, Uttrakhand is all about the countryside, sacred river, hindu pilgrimages and snow clad peaks.


Destination wedding is the new cool try-to-thing for Gen Z. From the celebrity couple to the general public, nowadays, everyone wants to have a dream destination wedding.


Summer days are here. And so does hot and humid weather. Temperature nowadays is shooting up to 50 degrees Celsius. Central plains and northern lands are already facing hot blowing air.


Talking about Nainital, situated in Uttarakhand, it is one of India's most beautiful hill stations. Every year the place attracts so many tourists from around the world.


If you are planning a Perfect Picnic Day with your family and friends near Mukteshwar, why don't you try Digantaa- the luxurious resort?


Couples nowadays prefer resorts over hotels to plan their honeymoon stay. That's because of more space and multiple amenities offered by a resort.

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Talking about summer months Mukteshwar is a new block on map to escape from the terrific heat and humidity of the plains.