Best Restaurant in Mukteshwar - Oregano Restaurant, the in-house restaurant at Digantaa

Food is essential for life. And like every essential element of survival, there is a certain amount of pleasure in it. Our taste buds are the way of deriving pleasure from food. With time, we have invested a lot of resources and knowledge into making our food taste better and healthier. In a way, food has a very important role in human development.

At Digantaa, we take that tradition forward with Oregano Restaurant - our in-house restaurant at the resort. Enjoying a nice cup of coffee, tea or a juice just elevates the breathtaking viewing experience that we offer here. If you are staying here, we ensure that each meal is worth a million memories… or at least quite a few Instagram posts!

Not just the food, but the whole vibe is created to give you a memorable experience. From furniture, to service and Mukteshwar mountain views, all at one place. Having food at the Oregano restaurant is something you must look forward to if you are visiting us.

You can choose between a wide range of cuisines here, from North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Italian, continental and much more. We do organic farming at the resort too so you can get the taste of amazing veggies that are grown here. All in all, you will be served amazingly delicious food, quite a good chunk of which was grown by us!

sunny side up omelette served at Digantaa resort's restaurant
Healthy breakfast served at Digantaa resort's Oregano restaurant
sugar sprinkled croissants

Digantaa Resort is a heaven for destination weddings. Located amidst picturesque mountains in Mukteshwar gives it a filmly milieu. With big banquet halls, a long list of refreshing amenities and luxurious options for stay, your destination wedding in Mukteshwar will be as epic as you’d dream.

And when it comes to weddings, there’s no denying the fact that most still only care about the food. It’s the most tangible aspect of your wedding and the best way to satisfy your guests. The good news is that Oregano Restaurant’s services extend to weddings organized at Digantaa Resort. So you can serve amazing food items to your wedding guests too!

The food served at our in-house restaurant will satisfy you! That’s not something we have to say, because we have a long list of happy customers who have left positive words of appreciation for our food on Google Reviews, TripAdvisor and other review sites.

We are happy to serve you at Digantaa Resort, and satisfying your tastebuds is a big part of that.