Mukteshwar – A Perfect Gateway for Summer

Pragya Soni | May 12, 2022 | IFW World

Summer days are here. And so does hot and humid weather. Temperature nowadays is shooting up to 50 degrees Celsius. Central plains and northern lands are already facing hot blowing air. People from every corner of India are traveling to mountains and chill zones to escape reality.

And, what else can be a better choice than Uttarakhand for this very purpose. Rush green forests, snowcapped mountains, beautiful valleys, and the hilly traditions. These are the few factors that make Uttarakhand a perfect gateway for summer. You might be thinking about to search an ideal place to stay in Uttarakhand.
Well, covering the beautiful valleys of Nainital, located Digantaa, a luxurious resort in Uttarakhand. With 32 rooms facilitated with modern technologies and spacious lounges, each corner of our stay is designed to keep our guests and their comfort in mind. The different state recognition proves why Digantaa is the best choice for you.

Woman enjoying sunlight in a garden
small hut amid a white flower garden

Facilitated your summer, you can enjoy baths at our temperature-controlled pools, relax yourselves at our spa and sauna, and have healthy food at our restaurants. Our resort is near Nainital, relatively closer to several tourist spots like waterfalls and temples. On some lucky days, you can take a walk in these places and enjoy the beauty of nature.
To tell the generation about our scenic beauty and joy, the luxurious resort of Nainital, Digantaa, has brought a summer giveaway alert for its admirers. For further details, you can visit our official Instagram handle. You can participate in the same by following simple steps.

Every little thing at Digantaa, from hospitality to staff, from rooms to food, from views to pool, do complete justice to its name. It is high time to add some Uttarakhand and happiness to your summer. Contact us for more summer offers and booking details. Happy Holidays!