How to Choose an Ideal Honeymoon Resort in Mukteshwar near Nainital?

25 June 2022 | Digantaa

In the last few decades, Mukteshwar has earned a unique position as a tourist destination in Uttarakhand. Not only tourists but even married couples also choose Mukteshwar as their honeymoon spot. Obviously, the quaint and romantic hills of Mukteshwar are the best place to spend time with your loved one after tying a knot.

Couples nowadays prefer resorts over hotels to plan their honeymoon stay. That's because of more space and multiple amenities offered by a resort. There are various romantic resorts in Mukteshwar that are ideal for spending your honeymoon period. Digantaa is the best honeymoon resort you can choose in Mukteshwar near Nainital.

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Here are the reasons which make Digantaa a beautiful resort in Mukteshwar to spend your honeymoon:

Privacy and Tranquillity:

Vibes at Digantaa Resort near Nainital are charming enough to lure "just married couples." The resort's tranquillity makes it an ideal place to spend quality time with your partner. We know how much privacy matters for a couple. And our management team makes sure that each customer enjoys their space while staying with us.

Adventurous spot:

Mukteshwar is well known as a hiking hub in Nainital. So, if you and your partner are an adrenaline-seeking couple, you should definitely choose Mukteshwar as your honeymoon destination. You can plan your stay at Digantaa resort, as it is nearby to various tourist spots in the region. You can enjoy adventurous activities like River rafting, Hiking, Paragliding, and Rock climbing in Mukteshwar.

Romantic weather:

The serene and vibrant weather of Mukteshwar serves ice on the cake. The temperature in Mukteshwar remains calm and romantic throughout the year. Thus, if you plan your honeymoon here, you can stay closer to your partner too! Just saying. You can book your stay in the honeymoon resort Digantaa in Mukteshwar near Nainital and enjoy the majestic view of Nanda Devi hills.

Healthy yet delicious food:

Is there any love without food? Definitely, no! Even food stands before love. At Digantaa resort, you can fill yummy in your tummy. Our in-house Oregano kitchen serves mouth-watering delicacies. Digantaa resort offers the best food in Mukteshwar. Our versatile chefs are trained and experts in every cuisine and flavor. If you book Digantaa resort for your honeymoon, you and your partner can enjoy a delicious meal every day.

Variety of accommodation:

Digantaa resort believes that every customer has different needs and requirements. To serve the purpose, we have multiple types of accommodation within our premises so that you can enjoy quality time with your partner. Our private and premium cottages, including Tesia Cottages, Yuhina Cottages, Myna Cottages, and Magpie Cottages, are the best for a honeymoon stay. We offer all amenities in Digantaa rooms and cottages without compromising your privacy.

Listed above are the qualities of an ideal honeymoon resort, and yours truly, Digantaa resort fulfills all of them. So, if you plan your honeymoon in Uttarakhand, call us to avail exciting discounts.