5 reasons why you should take your next trip to Nainital NOW!

The vivid topography of India has given rise to several hill stations and beautiful plateaus. From Manali to Mahabaleshwar, each hill station is loaded with one or more specialties. Talking about Nainital, situated in Uttarakhand, is one of India's most beautiful hill stations. Every year the place attracts so many tourists from around the world.

The calm weather and breathtaking sights make Nainital a prime choice for vacations. A white wonderland in winters and a sizzling landscape in summers, Nainital suites every tourist and every season. Serving every purpose, be it a holiday destination or a honeymoon destination, the snow-clad mountains of Nainital will cover every phase of your life.

There are several stay homes and resorts in the city justifying your vacation. Digantaa is one of the best resorts in Uttarakhand. Located in Mukteshwar, the luxurious resort can be your best choice if you plan your next trip to Nainital. Digantaa promises not only to provide you with a luxury stay but will also do its best to make your trip memorable for life.

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forest covered mountain with white clouds
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5 things to do when you visit Nainital

1. Take a walk at Naini lake: Naini lake is the prime attraction in Nainital. The eye-like shape of the lake is the origin of its name. The place is soothing and serene. During winter, you can see snow-covered trees near the lake and a thin layer of ice on the water. In summer, you can take a chill boat ride to the next shore of the lake.

2. Explore the mall road: The mall road is the biggest shopping attraction of any hill station. You can find some really cool stuff here. You can also search for some local handicrafts to take home to remember your trip. A little bargaining will help you to find everything at reasonable prices. The busy street can also serve as a noise backdrop for your Instagram posts.

3. Book a cable ride to the snow viewpoint: If you have planned the trip to Nainital, then this can be definitely your best to do an activity. The cable ride is just a 3-minute long journey from the foothills of Nainital. Once you reach it, you can enjoy the beautiful top view of the snow-clad mountains and the town. You can enjoy your space while sipping your favorite Chai or Coffee from some local shops.

4. Nainital Zoo: Nainital zoo is another attractive tourist location in Uttarakhand. It annually attracts a wide range of tourists. Nainital zoo is famous for some rare species of altitude animals. Some of them are even on the verge of extinction.

5. Enjoy your stay at Digantaa: Obviously, a stay is as important as a trip. Digantaa leaves no effort to make your stay memorable. From luxurious rooms to delicious food, a big party pool to a relaxing spa. We got everything to make our customers unique and privileged. Suppose you are looking forward to planning your next journey to Nainital. Digantaa, the best resort in Uttarakhand, is here to support every step of your trip. Give us a call to know more about our resort and beautiful Nainital.

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