First Snow of the Season

Picture this, you are at Digantaa Resort, looking at the breathtaking scenery in front of you. The air is chilly, the cold is now truly settling, your mother calls you in to enjoy the fireplace and heat but you are in the moment. You stay out for just a while longer, leaning over the balcony and then you notice something.

White and shiny particles falling from the sky, before you know what's happening, one of them settles on your hand. It's almost weightless but you feel it's cold. Not too cold, but cold enough to tickle your senses. You look up, spread your arms to feel them more, and now you know… you have experienced the first snow of the season!

What a magical moment that would be, right? As the first snowfall of the season starts to paint the world white. It really invites you to stop thinking about everything and enjoy the moment. Especially if it is captured at a picturesque location like Digantaa Resort.

You would call your family to come and see what's happening, kids would be overjoyed by the snowfall. They'd start thinking of making snowman or having snowball fights, even you yourself would look forward to it.

man standing amid thick snow cover
woman walking in snow with red umbrella

Many visitors of Digantaa luxury resort have had similar experiences. They were able to enjoy the first snow of the season at one of the most luxurious and picturesque locations in Mukteshwar. As of today, the snow has covered the horizon and it's absolutely beautiful. If you wish to enjoy something similar to what we mentioned in this blog, then waste no time and book a weekend getaway at Digantaa for you and your family.

And it's not just the snowfall, we offer one of the most picturesque locations, luxury amenities such as spa, sauna, heated swimming pool, bonfire, deluxe accommodation and much more.

For extra fun with the family, you can try our Winter Package that is designed specifically to let you enjoy moments like the first snow of the season. Starting at just Rs 15,999, it has everything to help you enjoy the winters to the fullest. So what are you waiting for? Come and enjoy mesmerizing winters of Mukteshwar with your family at Digantaa Resort. Something magical awaits you!