Plan your Nainital Weekend Tours in Family Cottage

Pragya Soni | 10 June 2022 |

If you talk about a decade ago, no one knows about Mukteshwar anyway. The town was a hidden treasure and sleepy hamlet. Later on, with the advent of tourism and communication, this quiet town has developed itself into a beautiful weekend getaway.

Talking about summer months Mukteshwar is a new block on the map to escape from the terrific heat and humidity of the plains. The picturesque town, Mukteshwar is situated just 50 km away from the Nainital City. If you are looking forward to spending a quiet weekend with your family, Mukteshwar is the best option.

The mesmerizing views of Nanda Devi and cool blowing fresh air will make your getaway worth remembering. But yeah, looking for a proper stay can be a task for you. Well, for staying with your family, Family Cottages are the best option to try. At Digantaa luxurious resort, we have affordable budget accommodation for all classes.

boats in lake in Nainital
lake with blue colour

Why to choose family cottages for weekend getaway in Nainital?

There are five reasons validating why to choose family cottages for weekend tours in Mukteshwar:

1. Hassle-free stay:

As a family, you will always prefer to choose a quiet and comfortable stay. Family cottages in Mukteshwar provide a hassle-free stay to you. Family cottages give you a home -like vibe. Just imagine how beautiful it feels to enjoy your vacation with the comfort of your home.

2. Local cuisine:

Another advantage of family cottages in Mukteshwar is home made local food cuisine. With the majestic views of the mountains, you can taste the delegacy of traditional Pahari food. You don’t have to switch multiple restaurants to find your taste. Thus, more time for sightseeing.

3. Supports your privacy:

Family cottages in Mukteshwar support your privacy. You can enjoy your quality time with your family. Unlike hotels, you are not disturbed by other visitors. This serves as the biggest relief feature for infants, children and women.

4. More space to explore:

Unlike hotels, you don’t have to share a family cottage area with other customers. Thus, ensuring you have more space to carry personal activities like playing, walking and all. In short words, you will have more space to feel fresh air in family cottages than other options.

5. Lighter on budget:

If you are looking for budget friendly accommodation, family cottages in Mukteshwar are the best choice. They are built keeping in mind the need of all classes. In Digantaa, Mukteshwar we have several accommodation options serving the needs of different travelers and visitors.

Digantaa- the luxurious resort near Nainital satisfies all the criteria mentioned above. Digantaa provides budget-friendly accommodations in Mukteshwar. At the same time, we respect our customer’s privacy and space. We have different facilities like wi-fi, in-house kitchen, swimming pool, and others to comfort your stay. For more queries, contact us right now!