Kumaoni Food in Nainital

There’s a lot we can learn about a place just by tasting and observing the local cuisine. More often than not, the cuisine of a place is a reflection of its terrain, culture, and a lot more. Exploring the Kumaoni food in Nainital is an absolute treat for those that love a good combination of taste and high nutritional value.

Given Nainital’s altitude, the conditions are quite harsh for certain crops to grow. However, the Kumaoni cuisine is an exquisite example of the local produce utilised to its potential.

Why is Kumaoni cuisine popular? This cuisine is simple, straightforward, delicious, and most importantly, the food is replete with nutrients. Diversity is another incredible aspect as it utilises seasonal herbs. Our restaurant at Digantaa Resort specialises in Kumaoni cuisine and has a plethora of dishes that will satiate your hunger pangs. Here are some food items you must try on your stay with us in Mukteshwar.

Digantaa Resort - image of a dish made out of potatoes
Digantaa Resort - image of a lentil soup dish

Pahari Aloo

One cannot talk about Kumaoni cuisine without talking about Aloo Ke Gutke. This delicious potato-based dish is consumed during Holi and is typically accompanied by Bhaang ki Chutney. This iconic dish is usually referred to as Pahari Aloo and is prepared by tossing boiled potatoes in a few spices and frying them.


Bhatt Ki Churkani

Bhatt Ki Churkani is one of the most important Kumaoni dishes to the locals for two primary reasons. First, it’s simple to cook and filled with nutrients. Second, this dish is simple to prepare, using basic spices such as Turmeric, Chilli powder and salt, served with plain white rice.



Chainsoo is yet another nourishing dish that is prepared by roasting black gram until the gentle aroma of the lentils fills the air. The lentils are turned into a fine paste and cooked with aromatic spices, garlic and coriander. While the flavour profile of this dish might not be all that complex, it certainly warms your heart when paired with a cup of steaming hot plain white rice.

Unassuming, simple, straightforward, and undoubtedly delicious. These are just a few examples of dishes from this delectable cuisine. Book your stay with us at Digantaa Resort and explore the Kumaoni food in Mukteshwar while experiencing the utmost luxury during your stay.