Mukteshwar as a Tourist Destination

Nainital is splendidly beautiful, a destination that comes to mind the moment one thinks of mountains. And near this world famous tourist spot lies the quant little town of Mukteshwar. Mukteshwar as a tourist destination has gained a lot of attention as it encapsulates the best that Nainital offers - in terms of beauty, sight-seeing and adventure!

For the next 5 minutes, allow us to showcase how your Nainital tour is simply incomplete without a visit to Mukteshwar. Indeed, Mukteshwar as a tourist destination itself offers everything that makes it a great standalone destination.

Let’s see what you can do in this charming town!

sun setting in the mountains
sunkissed snow clad mountains

  • Beauty

    From snow-capped mountains that shine like jewelery during sunrise and sunset to lush greenery and beautiful views in all directions, Mukteshwar is awe-inspiring through and through. Just take the views from Digantaa resort’s balconies for example. As you walk out of your room with a fragrant cup of tea in your palms, the sunset is always a moment that demands you to stay.

    The misty mornings fill you with positivity and calmness that purifies your soul. If you travel to seek tranquility, Mukteshwar is the perfect travel destination for you.

  • Sight-seeing

    While every sunset and sunrise in Mukteshwar is a sight to behold, there are a lot more places that you can visit in Mukteshwar. The most notable being temples as they have a rich history and architecture. The combination of temple and mountains is always epic as it enables you to feel and connect with divine greatness. A great way to boost your spiritual health.

    Other than that, there are a lot of British era cottages and buildings that create a pretty unique experience and allow you to get in touch with colonial era India. Last but not least, Sitla, a hillstation 6000 ft above sea level. Its amazing bungalows in the middle of lush greenery are mesmerising.

  • Adventure

    As a hill station, Mukteshwar offers the perfect terrain to give yourself a potent dose of adrenaline. From trekking to paragliding and rock climbing, Mukteshwar is an amazing place to make the thrill-seeker in you happy. With time, the safety and quality of these adventurous services have drastically improved. This ensures that your adventures are safe and action-packed at the same time.

    While the choice of adventures is aplenty, we recommend paragliding. It gives the perfect blend of picturesque views and excitement. Manuvuring through the majestic mountains while paragliding is an experience that you will never forget!

Mukteshwar has everything one can want from a hillstation. If you are planning to visit this town, your schedule can include a long list of things to do. In that case, what you want is a great place to rest and rejuvenate without compromising Mukteshwar’s mesmerizing vibe. Digantaa resort with its outstanding location, services and COVID safety can be the perfect choice during your stay in Mukteshwar.

So if you are planning to enjoy Mukteshwar to its fullest, choose Digantaa as the partner of your adventures!