Destination Wedding in Nainital

When one dreams of destination weddings, Goa beaches and historical locations of Rajasthan top the list, but splendid hill stations like Nainital are quickly emerging to be a great choice too. A destination wedding in Nainital is a mountain lover’s wet dream. The lake district of India is second to none in terms of natural beauty, lush greenery, mountains and attraction.

Moreover, founded in 1841 by British royal Lord Barron, the climate, surroundings and its natural beauty amused the Britishers so much that they declared it the summer capital of the British Union in India. With time, Nainital has continued to draw tourists from all over the world and it has built a well-oiled economy around tourism. As one of the most famous tourist spots in the country, it has got all the amenities and facilities one could ask for!

bride with henna covered hands
bride and groom holding hands in wedding attire
bride holding white flowers for wedding ritual

If you are planning to organise a destination wedding in Nainital, you should look for hotels or resorts that provide these facilities -
  • Banquet halls - To organise functions that may include Roka, Haldi, Mehndi, Pheras, Bidaai and Reception and much more. Digantaa offers two 2400 sq ft banquet halls, each with a capacity of 250 guests, ensuring that your wedding is a happening affair.
  • Well-equipped rooms for guests - Handling guests is an area of major concern as no one should be left dissatisfied. Digantaa ensures this with its world class accommodation, luxurious interiors and promt room services.
  • Wi-Fi - Stable internet is a necessity and the hospitality industry as a whole understands this need. Digantaa too ensures this so that your destination wedding hashtag gets a lot of posts and stories!
  • Food - Food and cuisine can make or break a wedding function. It is a way through which everyone can be a part of your wedding celebration. Oregano restaurant at Digantaa serves mouth-watering delicacies that satisfy all your gastronomic cravings under the guidance of experienced chefs and staff.
  • Laundry service - A little less-discussed topic while assessing a resort is laundry service. Considering your guests will stay for a few days, laundry service comes in handy.
  • Relaxation - Wedding can be a tiring affair. The best way to ease after the commotion and travel is getting a massage. Digantaa has an amazing sauna and spa center along with a heated swimming pool that is perfect for taking a breather.

groom kissing bride's forehead

Weddings hold a lot of cultural and social significance in Indian society. A happening and fulfilling marriage for the couple, their families and guests can leave a longlasting positive impact on everyone involved. This is why many dream of big weddings, and a destination wedding is a great way to make your wedding more memorable.

Nainital is a great choice for this as it has speciality, beauty and a sense of wonder around it. Digantaa Resort is emerging to be one of the best wedding venues in Nainital/Mukteshwar region. We provide all the necessary amenities to make your special day extra special, from large banquet halls to outstanding food to spa and sauna and luxurious rooms for your guests.

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